Steve Leimberg

Professional fine art photographer Stephan R. Leimberg was the 2008 International Nikon - Popular Photography Mentor Series Grand Prize Winner, won first place in the 2014 Amelia Island Shrimp Festival for photography, and was a winner in the Photo District News January 2018 Faces contest. His photo books include Meet Me on Amelia Island, A Day on Amelia Island, Birds of Amelia I and II and A Day at White Oak Conservancy. Leimberg’s portrait of author Pat Conroy (Price of Tides, The Great Santini) is the inner back fly-cover for Conroy’s book, My Reading Life. His portraits, FACES OF AMELIA series featured Amelia Island notables such as Dickie Anderson, Charlie Taylor, Ann Coonrad, “Raven,” Ron Kurtz, Char Bachman, “Miss Marlene” Deutcher, and Kevin McCarthy. Steve works as a professional photographer for The Amelia Islander. Known as The "BirdMan of Amelia" , Steve is well acclaimed for his stunning prints and postcards of birds and other Amelia Island wildlife and landscapes and was featured in an extensive article in the Amelia Island News-Leader and also in the Amelia Islander. His painter-like photographs of flora and fauna provide a photographic artist's unique view of that stunning island. Leimberg can be contacted and his fine art work can be seen and purchased at his studio by appointment by e-mailing steve@UnSeenImages.Com or calling 610 888 2650.
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